4.8 Release Notes

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

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Ryan Lerch

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This details the Release Notes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8

1. Release Notes Updates

This section contains additional Release Notes and Updates to existing notes that were not included in the distribution version of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8 Release Notes.
Known Issue: Bugzilla #488186
Running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8 on Lenovo T61 notebooks may cause the system to hang during the boot process, displaying the following error message:
mtrr: v2.0 (20020519)
ACPI: Subsystem revision 20040816
To work around this issue, disable ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) by adding the command acpi=off to the kernel boot parameters.
Known Issue: Bugzilla #459785
Japanese language JP106 keyboards will not function correctly when booting into Rescue Mode on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8.
Known Issue: Bugzilla #494022
Updating all packages from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.7 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8 on multilib architectures may fail with dependency issues for the openmpi-libs package. To work around this issue, use the following commands to update the compat-dapl package before updating the remaining packages:
up2date compat-dapl
up2date -fu
Known Issue: Bugzilla #443137
In a typical HA-RAID (High Availability RAID) two-system configuration, two SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) adapters are plugged in to two systems that are connected to a shared SAS disk drawer. However, it is currently possible to set the Preferred Dual Adapter State attribute to Primary on both SAS adapters, which may trigger a race condition and cause infinite failover between the adapters. To prevent this error, if the Preferred Dual Adapter State attribute of one SAS adapters is set to Primary, ensure that the other is set to None.
Known Issue: Bugzilla #499457
As a result of N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) support added in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8 on s390x architectures, the permanent_port_name sysfs attribute is no longer included. This attribute was used (primarily for debugging purposes) to differentiate the use of NPIV Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs) from within Linux. In the absence of this attribute, system administrators should refer to the Hardware Management Console / Support Element (HMC/SE) to find the virtual port address on an NPIV-enabled system.
Known Issue: Bugzilla #435300
Known Issue: In previous versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, adding the line
selinux --permissive
to a kickstart file sets selinux to permissive mode. However, this line is currently ignored by the installer, leaving selinux set to the default mode: enforcing.
To set selinux to permissive mode during a kickstart installation, add the
setenforce 1
command to the
section of the kickstart file.
Alternatively, run
setenforce 1
after installation is complete.
Known Issue: Bugzilla #455251
In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, invoking the kernel system call setpriority() with a which parameter of type PRIO_PROCESS does not set the priority of child threads.
Recommendation: Firefox Restart
Red Hat strongly recommends restarting the Firefox browser after updating the firefox package. This will ensure that all Firefox updates take effect.