6.4. Starting and Stopping Servers

6.4.1. Starting and Stopping Directory Server

The most common way to start and stop the Directory Server service is using system tools on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For example, Linux uses the service tool:
# service dirsrv {start|stop|restart} instance
Passing the instance name stops or starts only that instance; not giving any name starts or stops all instances.


The service name for the Directory Server service on Red Hat Enterprise Linux is dirsrv.
The start/stop scripts are in the /usr/sbin directory and are run similar to the service start/stop command:
# /usr/sbin/{start|stop|restart}-dirsrv instance
If the instance name is not given, then the all instances are started or stopped.
Alternatively, each instance has its own start and stop scripts that apply only to that instance.
# /etc/dirsrv/slapd-instance_name/{start|stop|restart}-slapd

6.4.2. Starting and Stopping Admin Server

There are two ways to start, stop, or restart the Admin Server:
  • There are scripts in the /usr/sbin directory.
    # /usr/sbin/{start|stop|restart}-ds-admin
  • The Admin Server service can also be stopped and started using system tools on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For example:
    # service dirsrv-admin {start|stop|restart}