11.14. Trimming the Replication Changelog

The Directory Server changelog manages a list of received and processed changes. It includes changes clients run on the server and additionally directory changes from other replication partners. Changelog entries are removed only when both of the following conditions meet:
A record, including all subsequently created records, remains in the changelog until it is successfully replicated to all servers in the topology. This situation occurs, for example, if a Directory Server master was removed from the topology, but the replica update vector (RUV) has not been removed.
The file size of the changelog is not automatically reduced if you set a lower value in the nsslapd-changelogmaxage or nsslapd-changelogmaxentries parameter. To recreate the changelog:
  1. Stop the Directory Server instance:
    # service dirsrv stop instance_name
  2. Remove the changelog files:
    # rm /var/lib/dirsrv/slapd-instance_name/changelogdb/*
  3. Start the instance:
    # service dirsrv start instance_name
  4. Reinitialize the instance from an incoming replica. See Section 11.15, “Initializing Consumers”.