4. Giving Feedback

If there is any error in this Administrator's Guide or there is any way to improve the documentation, please let us know. Bugs can be filed against the documentation for Red Hat Directory Server through Bugzilla, http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla. Make the bug report as specific as possible, so we can be more effective in correcting any issues:
  1. Select the Red Hat Directory Server product.
  2. Set the component to Doc - administration-guide.
  3. Set the version number to 9.0.
  4. For errors, give the page number (for the PDF) or URL (for the HTML), and give a succinct description of the problem, such as incorrect procedure or typo.
    For enhancements, put in what information needs to be added and why.
  5. Give a clear title for the bug. For example, "Incorrect command example for setup script options" is better than "Bad example".
We appreciate receiving any feedback — requests for new sections, corrections, improvements, enhancements, even new ways of delivering the documentation or new styles of docs. You are welcome to contact Red Hat Content Services directly at docs@redhat.com.