1.7. Creating a New Directory Server Instance

Additional instances can be created through the Directory Server Console or using the setup-ds.pl script. For information on using the setup-ds.pl script, see the Directory Server Installation Guide. To create an instance using the Directory Server Console:
  1. In the Red Hat Console window, select Server Group in the navigation tree, and then right-click.
  2. From the pop-up menu, select Create Instance and then Directory Server.
  3. Fill in the instance information.
    • A unique name for the server. This name must only have alphanumeric characters, a dash (-), or an underscore (_).
    • A port number for LDAP communications.
    • The root suffix for the new Directory Server instance.
    • A DN for the Directory Manager. This user has total access to every entry in the directory, without normal usage constraints (such as search timeouts).
    • The password for the Directory Manager.
    • The user ID as which to run the Directory Server daemon.
  4. Click OK.
A status box appears to confirm that the operation was successful. To dismiss it, click OK.