About This Reference

Red Hat Directory Server (Directory Server) is a powerful and scalable distributed directory server based on the industry-standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Directory Server is the cornerstone for building a centralized and distributed data repository that can be used in an intranet, over an extranet with trading partners, or over the public Internet to reach customers.

This reference covers the server configuration and the command-line utilities. It is designed primarily for directory administrators and experienced directory users who want to use the command-line to access the directory. After configuring the server, use this reference to help maintain it.

The Directory Server can also be managed through the Directory Server Console, a graphical user interface. The Red Hat Directory Server Administration Guide describes how to do this and explains individual administration tasks more fully.

1. Directory Server Overview

The major components of Directory Server include:

  • An LDAP server – The LDAP v3-compliant network daemon.
  • Directory Server Console – A graphical management console that dramatically reduces the effort of setting up and maintaining your directory service.
  • SNMP agent – Can monitor the Directory Server using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).