16.12. Troubleshooting

If synchronization does not seem to function properly, see the Windows event log or Directory Server error log for information on any potential problems.

Enable replication logging to record synchronization errors

Enable replication logging for more detailed information on synchronization to be recorded in the error logs. The replication log level produces more verbose logs from the sync code. Messages related to synchronization traffic (which is the same as replication traffic) can help in diagnosing problems.
For details about configuring log levels, see Section 21.3.7, “Configuring the Log Levels”.

Error #1: After synchronization, the status returns error 81.

One of the sync peer servers has not been properly configured for TLS communication. Examine the Directory Server access log file to see if the connection attempt was received by the Directory Server. There are also helpful messages in the Directory Server's error log file.
To narrow down the source of the misconfiguration, try to establish an LDAPS connection to the Directory Server. If this connection attempt fails, check all values (including the port number, host name or IPv4/IPv6 address, search base, and user credentials) to see if any of these are the problem. If all else fails, reconfigure the Directory Server with a new certificate.
If the LDAPS connection to the Directory Server is successful, it is likely that the misconfiguration is on Active Directory. Examine the Windows event log file for error messages.


A common problem is that the certificate authority was not configured as trusted when the Windows sync services certificate database was configured.

Error #2: An entry is moved from one subtree on Active Directory to another subtree, but the user is not moved to the corresponding subtree on Directory Server.

This is a known issue with synchronizing modrdn operations on Active Directory with entries on Directory Server. To work around it, delete the entry on Active Directory and then add it anew to the new subtree. The deletion and the addition will be properly synchronized to the Directory Server peer.