9.12. Setting SASL Mechanisms

Per default, Directory Server enables all mechanisms the simple authentication and security layer (SASL) library supports. These are listed in the root dse supportedSASLMechanisms parameter. To enable specific SASL mechanisms, set the nsslapd-allowed-sasl-mechanisms attribute in the cn=config entry. For example, to enable only the GSSAPI and DIGEST-MD5 mechanism, run:
# dsconf -D "cn=Directory Manager" ldap://server.example.com config replace nsslapd-allowed-sasl-mechanisms="GSSAPI, DIGEST-MD5"
Successfully replaced "nsslapd-allowed-sasl-mechanisms"


Even if EXTERNAL is not listed in the nsslapd-allowed-sasl-mechanisms parameter, this mechanism is always enabled.
For further details, see the corresponding section in the Red Hat Directory Server Configuration, Command, and File Reference.