12.5. Removing an Object Class

This section describes how to delete an object class using the command line and the web console.


Do not delete default schema elements. They are required by Directory Server.

12.5.1. Removing an Object Class Using the Command Line

Use the ldapmodify utility to delete an object class entry. For example, to delete the examplePerson object class:
  1. Remove the unwanted attributes from any entries that use them. For details, see Section 12.8, “Removing an Attribute”.
  2. Delete the object class entry:
    # dsconf -D "cn=Directory Manager" ldap://server.example.com schema objectclasses delete examplePerson
For further details about object class definitions, see Section 12.1.2, “Object Classes”.

12.5.2. Removing an Object Class Using the Web Console

To remove an object class using the web console:
  1. Open the Directory Server user interface in the web console. See Section 1.4, “Logging Into Directory Server Using the Web Console”.
  2. Select the instance.
  3. Select SchemaObjectclasses.
  4. Click the Choose Action button next to the object class entry you want to remove.
  5. Select Delete Objectclass.
  6. Click Yes to confirm.