14.2. Finding Entries Using the Web Console

You can use the LDAP Browser in the web console to search for entries in the Directory Server databases.
Directory Server searches for entries based on the attribute-value pairs stored in the entries, not based on the attributes used in the distinguished names (DN) of these entries. For example, if an entry has a DN of uid=user_name,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com, then a search for dc=example matches the entry only when dc:example attribute exists in this entry.


  • You are logged in to the Directory Server web console.
  • You have root permissions.


  1. In the web console, navigate to LDAP BrowserSearch.
  2. Expand and select the search criteria to filter entries:

    Table 14.1. Default Index Attributes

    Search Parameter Description
    Search base
    Specifies the starting point of the search. It is a distinguished name (DN) that currently exists in the database.


    The Search tabs opens with pre-defined search base, when you open an entry details in the Tree View or Table View, click on the Options menu (⫶) and select Search.
    Search Scope
    Select Subtreeto search entries in the whole subtree starting from the search base and including all child entries.
    Select One Level to search entries starting from the search base and including only the first level of child entries.
    Select Base to search for attribute values only in the entry specified as the search base.
    Size Limit
    Set the maximum number of entries to return from a search operation.
    Time Limit
    Set the time in seconds the search engine can look for entries.
    Show Locking
    Toggle the switch to on to see the lock status of the found entries.
    Search Attributes
    Select attributes that take part in the search. You can choose from the predefined attributes and add custom ones.
  3. Type the attribute value in the search text field and press Enter.


    Directory Server records all search requests to the access log file, which you can view at MonitoringLoggingAccess Log.
  4. Optional: To further refine your search, use search filters in the Filter tab to search for entries.