13.3. Creating New Indexes to Existing Databases

Learn how to initiate indexing operations on Directory Server. You must create indexes manually because Directory Server does not automatically index databases.


Before you regenerate the index, searches proceed but can return incorrect or inconsistent results.

13.3.1. Creating an Index While the Instance is Running Creating an Index Using the dsconf backend index reindex Command

To recreate the index of a database while the instance is running:
# dsconf -D "cn=Directory Manager" ldap://server.example.com backend index reindex database_name Creating an Index Using a cn=tasks Entry

The cn=tasks,cn=config entry in the Directory Server configuration is a container entry for temporary entries the server uses to manage tasks. To initiate an index operation, create a task in the cn=index,cn=tasks,cn=config entry.
Use the ldapadd utility to add a new index task. For example, to add a task that creates the presence index for the cn attribute in the userRoot database:
# ldapadd -D "cn=Directory Manager" -W -p 389 -h server.example.com -x

dn: cn=example_presence_index,cn=index,cn=tasks,cn=config
objectclass: top
objectclass: extensibleObject
cn: example presence index
nsInstance: userRoot
nsIndexAttribute: "cn:pres"
When the task is completed, the entry is removed from the directory configuration.
For further details, about the cn=index,cn=tasks,cn=config entry, see the cn=index section in the Red Hat Directory Server Configuration, Command, and File Reference.

13.3.2. Creating an Index While the Instance Offline

After creating an indexing entry or adding additional index types to an existing indexing entry, use the dsconf db2index command:
  1. Shut down the instance:
    # dsctl instance_name stop
  2. Recreate the index:
    # dsctl instance_name db2index userRoot
    [13/Aug/2019:15:25:37.277426483 +0200] - INFO - ldbm_instance_config_cachememsize_set - force a minimal value 512000
    [13/Aug/2019:15:25:37.289257996 +0200] - INFO - check_and_set_import_cache - pagesize: 4096, available bytes 1704378368, process usage 22212608 
    [13/Aug/2019:15:25:37.291738104 +0200] - INFO - check_and_set_import_cache - Import allocates 665772KB import cache.
    db2index successful
  3. Start the instance:
    # dsctl instance_name start