23.3. Creating an LDIF File with an Example CoS Definition

Use the dsctl ldifgen cos-def command to create an LDIF file with a Class of Service (CoS) definition. For example, to create an LDIF file named /tmp/cos-definition.ldif that adds a classic CoS definition to the ou=cos definitions,dc=example,dc=com entry:
# dsctl instance_name ldifgen cos-def Postal_Def --type classic --parent "ou=cos definitions,dc=example,dc=com" --cos-specifier businessCatagory --cos-template "cn=sales,cn=classicCoS,dc=example,dc=com" --cos-attr postalcode telephonenumber --ldif-file /tmp/cos-definition.ldif
For further details about the options used in the example and other options you can set to create the LDIF file, enter:
# dsctl instance_name ldifgen cos-def --help