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2.5. Viewing Log Files


The access and error logs are enabled by default and can be viewed immediately. before the audit log can be viewed, audit logging must be enabled for the directory, or the audit log will not be kept.
  1. In the Directory Server Console, select the Status tab.
  2. In the navigation tree, expand the Log folder. There are three folders available, for the access, error, and audit logs.
  3. When you select the log type to view, a table displays a list of the last 25 entries in the selected log.
  4. Optionally, change the settings of the log display and click Refresh to update the display.
    • The Select Log pull-down menu allows you to select an archived (rotated) log rather than the currently active log.
    • The Lines to show text box changes the number of log entries to display in the window.
    • The Show only lines containing text box sets a filter, including regular expressions, to use to display only certain matching log entries.


Selecting the Continuous check box refreshes the log display automatically every ten seconds.= Continuous log refresh does not work well with log files over 10 megabytes.