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5.7. Upgrading Password Sync

The Password Sync service cannot be upgraded directly. However, the existing certificates, keys, and configuration can be applied to the new service if the new service is installed before the old one is removed. Then, it is not necessary to reconfigure the service like new; it picks up the information it needs from the registry.
  1. Download the appropriate version of the WinSync Installer from the Red Hat Customer Portal. This is the Password Sync MSI file. For detailed information on how to download the installer, see Section 4.7, “Installing the Password Sync Service”.
    Save the downloaded installer to the Active Directory machine.
  2. Double-click the installer to install it.
  3. All of the previous information should be included, so click Finish to install the new Password Sync.
    The previous TLS certificates and configuration is also preserved, so it is not necessary to reconfigure TLS.
  4. Reboot the Windows machine to start Password Sync.


    The Windows machine must be rebooted. Without the rebooting, PasswordHook.dll is not enabled, and password synchronization will not function.