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A.2. Parameters in the [General] Section

The [General] section supports the following parameters:

Table A.1. Parameters in the [General] Section

Directive Description Required  
AdminDomain Specifies the administration domain, such as, under which this Directory Server instance is registered. See Section 1.2.10, “Administration Domain” for more information about administration domains. No  
ConfigDirectoryAdminID Specifies the user ID of the user that has administration privileges to the configuration directory. This is usually admin. No  
ConfigDirectoryAdminPwd Specifies the password for the admin user. Yes  
ConfigDirectoryLdapURL Specifies the LDAP URL, such as ldap://, that is used to connect to your configuration directory. LDAP URLs are described in the Red Hat Directory Server Administration Guide Yes  
Specifies the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the machine on which you are installing the server. The default is the local host name.
The given host name must be a FQDN that can be resolved using gethostname(). Verify that the FQDN resolves forward and reverse. Using a CNAME alias is supported.
slapd.InstScriptsEnabled This parameter controls if creates the instance-specific scripts in the /usr/lib64/dirsrv/slapd-instance_name/ directory. The default is false. However, existing scripts in this directory are updated when running the --update command. Regardless of the setting, the instance-independent versions are installed in the /usr/sbin/ directory. No  
StrictHostCheck By default, Directory Server verifies that the FQDN set in the FullMachineName parameter can be resolved using DNS. However, in certain situations, administrators want to disable this check. Setting the StrictHostCheck parameter to false enables you, for example, to install Directory Server behind a load balancer, as described in Section 4.1, “Installing Directory Server Behind a Load Balancer”. No  
SuiteSpotGroup Specifies the group as which the servers will run. The default is the dirsrv group. No  
SuiteSpotUserID Specifies the user name as which the Directory Server instance runs. This parameter does not apply to the user as which the Administration Server runs. The default is the dirsrv user. No