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A.4. Parameters in the [admin] Section

The [admin] section supports the following parameters:

Table A.3. Parameters in the [admin] Section

Directive Description Required  
Port Specifies the port that the Administration Server will use. The default port is 9830. No  
ServerAdminID Specifies the administration ID that can be used to access this Administration Server if the configuration directory is not responding. The default is to use the value specified by the ConfigDirectoryAdminID directive. See Section 1.2.6, “Directory Administrator”. No  
ServerAdminPwd Specifies the password for the Administration Server user. No  
ServerIpAddress Specifies the IP address on which the Administration Server will listen. Use this directive if you are installing on a multi-homed system and you do not want to use the first IP address for the Administration Server.
Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported.
SysUser Specifies the user as which the Administration Server will run. The default is dirsrv user. Yes