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3.5. Typical Setup

The Typical Setup mode is the most commonly-used setup process. It enables you to configure several settings during the setup.
This setup mode is based on the Express Setup. For details, see Section 3.4, “Express Setup”. Additionally, this mode enables you to set the following options:
  • Computer name:
    Computer name []:
  • User and group, Directory Server uses:
    System User [dirsrv]:
    System Group [dirsrv]:
  • Administration domain:
    Administration Domain []:
  • Directory Server network port:
    Directory server network port [389]:
    If port 389 is in use, or you are not logged in as a user root, a random unused port is set as the default.
  • Directory server identifier:
    Directory server identifier [server]:
    The default is the host name without domain name.
  • LDAP suffix:
    Suffix [dc=example, dc=com]:
  • Administration Server port:
    Administration port [9830]:
    If port 9830 is in use, a random unused port is set as the default.