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3.6. Custom Setup

This setup mode is based on the Typical Setup. For details, see Section 3.5, “Typical Setup”. Additionally, this mode enables you to perform the following actions:
  • Install the Directory Server sample data:
    Do you want to install the sample entries? [no]:
    The sample data is imported to a separate LDAP suffix and does not interfere with the normal operation of the Directory Server. Use this option, for example, if you are evaluating Red Hat Directory Server.
  • Import data from an LDIF file:
    Type the full path and filename, the word suggest, or the word none [suggest]:
    To import:
    • data from an LDIF-formatted file, enter the full path to the file.


      If the data to import requires a custom schema, perform a silent installation and use the SchemaFile directive in the *.inf file to specify additional schema files.
    • common container entries, such as ou=People, enter the suggest option.
    • no data, enter none.


    The directory server user account must be able to read the import file.