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Chapter 3. Setting up Red Hat Directory Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

3.1. The Directory Server Setup Modes

You can set up your Directory Server instance using the different modes listed below:
Uses defaults values for most settings. See, Section 3.4, “Express Setup”.
Use this mode for evaluation and testing.
A combination of common-used defaults and custom settings. See, Section 3.5, “Typical Setup”.
Use this mode for production installations if you do not want to import custom or sample data during the installation.
Based on the Typical mode, but additionally enables you to install the Directory Server sample data and to import custom data during the setup. See, Section 3.6, “Custom Setup”.
Enables the administrator to pass command-line arguments to the script or to use a file with custom settings. Select this installation method to deploy, for example, a large number of Directory Server instances. See, Section 4.6.1, “Silent Setup for Directory Server and Administration Server”.
For further information, see Comparison of Setup Types