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A.7. Utilities for Creating and Regenerating Indexes: db2index

Creates and regenerates indexes.

ns-slapd db2index -D configDir [ -d debugLevel ] -n backendName -t attributeName[:indexTypes{:matchingRules}] [ -T vlvTag ]


Table A.5. db2index Options

Option Description
-d debugLevel Specifies the debug level to use during index creation. For further information, see Section, “nsslapd-errorlog-level (Error Log Level)”.
-D configDir Specifies the location of the server configuration directory that contains the configuration information for the index creation process. This must be the full path to the configuration directory, /etc/dirsrv/slapd-instance.
-n backendName Specifies the name of the back end containing the entries to index.
-t attributeName[:indextypes(:mathingrules)] Specifies the attribute to be indexed as well as the types of indexes to create and matching rules to apply, if any. If the matching rule is specified, an index type must be specified. This option cannot be used with -T. indexTypes specifies a comma-separated list of indexes to be created for the attributes. matchingRules is an optional, comma-separated list of the OIDs for the languages in which the attribute will be indexed. This option is used to create international indexes. For information on supported locales and collation order OIDs, see the Appendix "Internationalization" in the Red Hat Directory Server Administration Guide.
-T vlvTag Specifies the VLV tag to use to create VLV indexes. The Console can be used to specify VLV tags for each database supporting the directory tree, as described in the Red Hat Directory Server Administration Guide. Additional VLV tags can be defined by creating them in LDIF and adding them in the Directory Server configuration. This options cannot be used with -t.