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Appendix A. Using the ns-slapd Command-Line Utilities

Chapter 10, Command-Line Scripts discussed the scripts for performing routine administration tasks on the Red Hat Directory Server (Directory Server). This appendix discusses the ns-slapd command-line utilities that can be used to perform the same tasks.
The ns-slapd command-line utilities all perform server administration tasks, and, while it can be argued that they allow a greater degree of flexibility for users, Red Hat recommends using the command-line scripts described in Chapter 10, Command-Line Scripts

A.1. Overview of ns-slapd

ns-slapd is used to start the Directory Server process, to build a directory database from an LDIF file, or to convert an existing database to an LDIF file. For more information on starting and stopping the Directory Server, importing from LDIF using the command-line, and exporting to LDIF using the command-line, see the "Populating Directory Databases" chapter in the Red Hat Directory Server Administration Guide.