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6.55. subschema (Object Class)

This identifies an auxiliary object class subentry which administers the subschema for the subschema administrative area. It holds the operational attributes representing the policy parameters which express the subschema.
This object class is defined in RFC 2252.
Superior Class



Required Attributes

objectClass Defines the object classes for the entry.

Allowed Attributes

attributeTypes Attribute types used within a subschema.
dITContentRules Defines the DIT content rules which are in force within a subschema.
dITStructureRules Defines the DIT structure rules which are in force within a subschema.
matchingRuleUse Indicates the attribute types to which a matching rule applies in a subschema.
matchingRules Defines the matching rules used within a subschema.
nameForms Defines the name forms used in a subschema.
objectClasses Defines the object classes used in a subschema.