Appendix E. Revision History

Note that revision numbers relate to the edition of this manual, not to version numbers of Red Hat Directory Server.
Revision History
Revision 10.6-2Mon Dec 07 2020Marc Muehlfeld
Added a statement that this documentation is deprecated and no longer maintained.
Revision 10.6-1Tue Aug 11 2020Marc Muehlfeld
Red Hat Directory Server 10.6 release of the guide.
Revision 10.5-1Tue Mar 31 2020Marc Muehlfeld
Red Hat Directory Server 10.5 release of the guide.
Revision 10.4-1Tue Aug 06 2019Marc Muehlfeld
Red Hat Directory Server 10.4 release of the guide.
Revision 10.3-1Wed Oct 24 2018Marc Muehlfeld
Red Hat Directory Server 10.3 release of the guide.
Revision 10.2-1Tue Apr 10 2018Marc Muehlfeld
For version 10.2: Added ds-replcheck script and new password storage schemes. Rewrote pwdhash (Encrypts Passwords) section.
Revision 10.1-11Wed Jan 17 2018Marc Muehlfeld
Removed unused passwordResetDuration and passwordKeepHistory attributes.
Revision 10.1-10Tue Dec 05 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Added the certmap.conf file and the nsSSLEnabledCiphers parameter. Updated the nsslapd-db-logdirectory parameter description
Revision 10.1-9Tue Sep 05 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Added AD DN plug-in, nsslapd-rundir, and nsslapd-ldifdir parameters. Updated the default value of nsslapd-cachememsize introduced by the RHSA-2017:29627 erratum.
Revision 10.1-8Tue Aug 01 2017Marc Muehlfeld
For version 10.1.1: Rewrote Password Storage Schemes and Error Log Content. Updated nsslapd-rootpwstoragescheme, passwordStorageScheme, and auto-tuning-related parameter descriptions.
Revision 10.1-7Wed Jul 12 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Added missing attributes to Suffix Configuration Attributes under cn=suffix_DN. Added redhat-idm-console description.
Revision 10.1-6Tue Jun 13 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Added Administration Server and Directory Server-independent locations to File Locations Overview
Revision 10.1-5Mon May 29 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Removed incorrect "-v" parameter from Perl scripts. Added "memberOfAutoAddOC".
Revision 10.1-4Tue Mar 14 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Added "" Perl script. Other minor fixes.
Revision 10.1-3Fri Feb 24 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Added "Replication Agreement Status" appendix. Added multiple parameters.
Revision 10.1-2Wed Jan 11 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Updated nsSSL2Ciphers, nsSSL3Ciphers, and allowWeakCipher descriptions. Added multiple parameters.
Revision 10.1-1Thu Dec 15 2016Marc Muehlfeld
Removed legacy replication. Added multiple parameters.
Revision 10.1-0Wed Nov 02 2016Marc Muehlfeld
Red Hat Directory Server 10.1 release of the guide.
Revision 10.0-6Mon Jul 25 2016Petr Bokoč
Added passwordSendExpiringTime and nsDS5ReplicaReleaseTimeout parameter.
Revision 10.0-5Thu Jun 30 2016Petr Bokoč
Added cn=des2aes task.
Revision 10.0-4Wed Jun 22 2016Petr Bokoč
Added multiple configuration parameters to cn=config and cn=config,cn=ldbm database,cn=plugins,cn=config.
Revision 10.0-3Tue Jun 07 2016Petr Bokoč
Added high-resolution time stamps example and multiple parameters.
Revision 10.0-2Wed Mar 09 2016Petr Bokoč
Added sslVersionMin and sslVersionMax parameter. Other minor fixes.
Revision 10.0-0Tue Jun 09 2015Tomáš Čapek
Red Hat Directory Server 10 release of the guide.