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9.5. dn2rdn

Versions of Directory Server older than 9.0 used the entrydn index to help map the entry IDs in the id2entry.db4 database to the full DNs of the entry. (One side effect of this was that modrdn operations could only be done on leaf entries, because there was no way to identify the children of an entry and update their DNs if the parent DN changed.) When subtree-level renames are allowed, then the ID-to-entry mapping is done using the entryrdn index with the id2entry.db database.
After an upgrade, instances of Directory Server may still be using the entrydn index. The dn2rdn tool has one purpose: to convert the entry index mapping from a DN-based format to an RDN-based format, by converting the entrydn index to entryrdn.


The dn2rdn tool is in the /usr/sbin/ directory, since it is always run on the local Directory Server instance.


dn2rdn does not have any options.

Beside -Z instance_name, the dn2rdn tool takes no options, since it always converts the local entrydn index to entryrdn.

# dn2rdn -Z instance_name