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Chapter 9. Command-Line Utilities

This chapter contains reference information on command-line utilities used with Red Hat Directory Server (Directory Server). These command-line utilities make it easy to perform administration tasks on the Directory Server.

9.1. Command-Line Utilities Quick Reference

The following table provides a summary of the command-line utilities provided for Directory Server.

Table 9.1. Commonly-Used Command-Line Utilities

Command-Line Utility Description
ldif Automatically formats LDIF files and creates base 64-encoded attribute values. For details on this tool, see appendix A in the Red Hat Directory Server Administration Guide.
dbscan Analyzes and extracts information from a Directory Server database file. Writes Directory Server log data to a named pipe.
dn2rdn For Directory Server instances upgraded from a version older than 9.0, this converts the id2entry.db4 database and entrydn index (formatted by the full entry DN) into the id2entry.db database with the entryrdn index (formatted by the RDN).