Appendix H. Revision History

Note that revision numbers relate to the edition of this manual, not to version numbers of Red Hat Directory Server.
Revision History
Revision 10.6-2Mon Dec 07 2020Marc Muehlfeld
Added a statement that this documentation is deprecated and no longer maintained.
Revision 10.6-1Tue Aug 11 2020Marc Muehlfeld
Red Hat Directory Server 10.6 release of the guide.
Revision 10.5-1Tue Mar 31 2020Marc Muehlfeld
Red Hat Directory Server 10.5 release of the guide.
Revision 10.4-2Mon Aug 26 2019Marc Muehlfeld
Added the Adding the CA Certificate Used By Directory Server to the Trust Store of Red Hat Enterprise Linuxsection.
Revision 10.4-1Tue Aug 06 2019Marc Muehlfeld
Red Hat Directory Server 10.4 release of the guide.
Revision 10.3-2Wed Jun 05 2019Marc Muehlfeld
Fixed incorrect ACI examples.
Revision 10.3-1Wed Oct 24 2018Marc Muehlfeld
Red Hat Directory Server 10.3 release of the guide.
Revision 10.2-1Tue Apr 10 2018Marc Muehlfeld
For version 10.2: Added section Comparing Two Directory Server Instances, updated How password policy controls work, Solving Common Replication Conflicts, and Solving Naming Conflicts.
Revision 10.1-17Mon Mar 12 2018Marc Muehlfeld
Rewrote large parts of the Managing Access Control chapter.
Revision 10.1-16Wed Feb 14 2018Marc Muehlfeld
Rewrote Setting up an SNMP Agent for Directory Server. Added Generating and Installing a Self-signed Certificate.
Revision 10.1-15Wed Jan 17 2018Marc Muehlfeld
Rewrote Enabling TLS section. Added Configuring Replication Partners to use Certificate-based Authentication section.
Revision 10.1-14Tue Dec 05 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Enhanced the Managing the NSS Database Used by Directory Server, Using Certificate-based Client Authentication and Setting Encryption Ciphers sections.
Revision 10.1-13Mon Nov 06 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Moved Setting Replication Session Hooks section to the Plug-in Guide. Several minor updates.
Revision 10.1-11Tue Aug 08 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Rewrote the Managing Entries Using the Command Line and Enforcing Attribute Uniqueness sections.
Revision 10.1-10Tue Aug 01 2017Marc Muehlfeld
For version 10.1.1: Added the Managing FIPS Mode Support chapter. Rewrote the Managing the Directory Manager Password and Validating the Syntax of Existing Attribute Values sections. Multiple minor updates.
Revision 10.1-9Mon Jul 31 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Rewrote: Enabling and Disabling Referential Integrity section. Updated replication-related screen captures. Multiple minor updates.
Revision 10.1-8Wed Jul 12 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Added sections: Configuring Plug-ins and Starting the Directory Server Management Console. Multiple minor updates.
Revision 10.1-7Mon Jun 26 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Rewrote sections: Trimming the Replication Changelog and Moving the Replication Changelog Directory.
Revision 10.1-6Mon May 29 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Updated section: Setting Access Control for VLV Information.
Revision 10.1-5Tue Mar 14 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Added section: The Replication Keep-alive Entry.
Revision 10.1-4Fri Feb 24 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Added sections: Fine Grained ID List Size, Trimming the Replication Changelog, and Setting up Content Synchronization with an RFC 4533-aware LDAP Servers. Other minor fixes.
Revision 10.1-3Wed Jan 11 2017Marc Muehlfeld
Rewrote section: Configuring Log Files. Updated example.
Revision 10.1-1Fri Nov 11 2016Marc Muehlfeld
Updated supported JRE version. Removed legacy replication support. Other minor fixes.
Revision 10.1-0Mon Oct 31 2016Marc Muehlfeld
Red Hat Directory Server 10.1 release of the guide.
Revision 10.0-3Wed Jun 22 2016Petr Bokoč
Updated section: Enabling TLS/SSL in the Directory Server, Administration Server, and Console. Other minor updates.
Revision 10.0-2Thu Mar 24 2016Petr Bokoč
Updated section: Schema Replication. Added section: High-resolution Time Stamps. Other minor fixes.
Revision 10.0-1Wed Jun 17 2015Tomáš Čapek
Updated section: System Requirements
Revision 10.0-0Tue Jun 09 2015Tomáš Čapek
Red Hat Directory Server 10 release of the guide.