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10.3. Configuring Attribute Encryption from the Console

  1. In the Configuration tab, select the Data node.
  2. Expand the suffix, and select the database to edit.
  3. Select the Attribute Encryption tab.
  4. Click the Add Attribute button to open the list of attributes. Select the attribute to encrypt.


    For existing attribute values to be encrypted, the information must be exported from the database, then re-imported. See Section 10.7, “Exporting and Importing an Encrypted Database”.
  5. Select which encryption cipher to use.


The encryption cipher to use is set separately for each attribute, so attribute encryption is applied to each attribute one at a time.
To remove encryption from attributes, select them from the list of encrypted attributes in the Attribute Encryption table, click the Delete button, and then click Save to apply the changes. Any deleted attributes have to be manually re-added after saving.