Chapter 1. Red Hat Device Edge overview

Red Hat Device Edge delivers an enterprise-ready distribution of the Red Hat-led open source community project Red Hat build of MicroShift. MicroShift is a lightweight Kubernetes orchestration solution built from the edge capabilities of OpenShift Container Platform, along with an edge-optimized operating system built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

1.1. About Red Hat Device Edge

Red Hat Device Edge is for organizations that need small-form-factor edge devices and support for bare metal, virtualized, or containerized applications. Red Hat Device Edge helps address many of the emerging questions around large-scale edge computing at the device edge by incorporating Kubernetes features in a new, smaller, lighter-weight footprint with an edge-optimized Linux operating system built from the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform in RHEL. You can manage Red Hat Device Edge using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

Figure 1.1. Red Hat Device Edge components

RHDevice Edge Overview 1

Figure 1.2. Red Hat Device Edge layers

RHDevice Edge Overview 2

For a non-technical description of Red Hat Device Edge, see Red Hat Device Edge.

1.1.1. Red Hat Device Edge product release notes

The latest release notes for each product that is part of Red Hat Device Edge are available at the following links:

1.1.2. Red Hat Device Edge product release compatibility matrix

Red Hat build of MicroShift and RHEL work together as a single solution for device-edge computing. To successfully pair your products, use the verified releases together for each as listed in the following table:

RHEL for Edge version

MicroShift version

MicroShift release status

MicroShift supported updates

9.2, 9.3


Generally Available

4.15.0→4.15.z and 4.14→future minor version

9.2, 9.3


Generally Available

4.14.0→4.14.z and 4.14→4.15



Technology Preview




Developer Preview


1.1.3. Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform compatibility

1.1.4. Red Hat Device Edge documentation

For more information about the Red Hat Device Edge products, see the following documentation:

1.1.5. Upgrade paths

For details about MicroShift upgrade paths, see the following documentation: