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1.8. Using Red Hat Developer Toolset Container Images

Docker-formatted container images can be used to run Red Hat Developer Toolset components inside virtual software containers, thus isolating them from the host system and allowing for their rapid deployment. For detailed description of the Red Hat Developer Toolset docker-formatted container images and Red Hat Developer Toolset Dockerfiles, see Using Red Hat Software Collections Container Images.


The docker package, which contains the Docker daemon, command-line tool, and other necessary components for building and using docker-formatted container images, is currently available only for the Server variant of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 product. Docker-formatted container images cannot be run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, and Red Hat Developer Toolset Dockerfiles are not distributed for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Follow the instructions outlined at Getting Docker in RHEL 7 to set up an environment for building and using docker-formatted container images.