Chapter 3. Additional Resources

For more information about Red Hat Developer Toolset 4.1 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, see the resources listed below.

3.1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Program Group

Users of Red Hat Developer Toolset can access the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Program Group in the Red Hat Customer Portal to get developer related information for the development tools available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In addition, users can find there developer related papers and videos on topics that are of interest to developers, for example RPM building, threaded programming, performance tuning, debugging, and so on.
  • To visit the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Program Group, log in to the Red Hat Customer Portal, click Products & Services at the top of the page, choose Services, and then Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Program from the list.

3.2. Red Hat Product Documentation

The Red Hat Documentation portal located at serves as a central source of all product documentation. It is translated in 22 languages and for each product, it provides different kinds of books from release and technical notes to installation, user, and reference guides in HTML, PDF, and EPUB formats.
The following is a brief list of documents that are directly or indirectly relevant to this book:
  • Red Hat Developer Toolset 4.1 User Guide — The User Guide for Red Hat Developer Toolset contains more information about installing and using this content set.
  • Red Hat Software Collections 2.2 Packaging Guide — The Packaging Guide for Red Hat Software Collections explains the concept of Software Collections, documents the scl utility, and provides a detailed explanation of how to create a custom Software Collection or extend an existing one.
  • Red Hat Software Collections 2.2 Release Notes — The Release Notes for Red Hat Software Collections document known problems, possible issues, and other important information available at the time of release of the content set. They also contain useful information on installing, rebuilding, migrating etc.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Developer Guide — The Developer Guide for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 provides detailed information on the Eclipse IDE, libraries and runtime support, compiling and building, debugging, and profiling.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Developer Guide — The Developer Guide for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 provides an introduction to application development tools in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

3.3. Red Hat Developer Blog

Red Hat Developer Blog content is directed to designers and developers of applications based on Red Hat technologies. It contains links to product team blogs and other relevant internal and external resources. Its goal is to inform and engage the developer community with up-to-date information, best practices, opinion, product and program announcements as well as pointers to sample code and other resources.