Chapter 3. Known Issues in Eclipse 4.7.2

This section details the Known Issues in Eclipse 4.7.2.

3.1. Debuginfo Conflicts

Cause: When a user attempts to install a debuginfo package for this collection, for example: rh-eclipse47-eclipse-cdt-debuginfo, the contents may conflict with the same packages from the earlier collections.

Consequence: The installation of the rh-eclipse47 debuginfo package may fail if the same debuginfo package from the rh-eclipse46 collection is installed.

Workaround: To use debuginfo for the rh-eclipse47 collection, debuginfo packages from the rh-eclipse46 collection should first be uninstalled using the command yum remove rh-eclipse46*debuginfo.

Result: The installation of the debuginfo packages from the rh-eclipse47 collection is successful.

3.2. Conflict between the RHSCL rh-maven33-scldevel and rh-maven35-scldevel packages

There is a conflict between the RHSCL rh-maven33-scldevel and rh-maven35-scldevel packages. This affects the rh-eclipse47-scldevel package (note that these are not installed by default):

  • rh-eclipse47-scldevel cannot be directly updated, meaning, running the yum update command fails.
  • rh-eclipse47-scldevel and rh-eclipse46-scldevel cannot be present together.

3.3. 'Run As' does not work reliably on C/C++ projects

If you alternate between Run AsC/C++ Container Application and Run AsLocal C/C++ Application, for a C/C++ project, you may observe two issues:

  • The program is not launched at all
  • The program is launched as if you chose another option

3.4. Indexing of C/C++ projects built in a container does not work well

While the build itself works, a user observes missing include files and unresolved symbols. There is no known workaround at this moment. Note that building in a container is a new feature that was not present in any of the previous DevTools releases.