Chapter 5. Changes in Rust 1.45.2 Toolset

Rust Toolset has been updated from version 1.43.0 to 1.45.2. Notable changes include:

  • The subcommand cargo tree for viewing dependencies is now included in cargo.
  • Casting from floating point values to integers now produces a clamped cast. Previously, when a truncated floating point value was out of range for the target integer type the result was undefined behaviour of the compiler. Non-finite floating point values led to undefined behaviour as well. With this enhancement, finite values are clamped either to the minimum or the maximum range of the integer. Positive and negative infinity values are by default clamped to the maximum and minimum integer respectively, Not-a-Number(NaN) values to zero.
  • Function-like procedural macros in expressions, patterns, and statements are now extended and stabilized.

For detailed instructions regarding usage, see the upstream Rust 1.44.0 Release Notes and Rust 1.45.0 Release Notes.