Chapter 1. Go Toolset

Go Toolset is a Red Hat offering for developers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It provides the Go programming language tools and libraries. Note that Go is alternatively known as golang.

Go Toolset is available as a module for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. Go Toolset is available as packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.

1.1. Go Toolset components

The following components are available as a part of Go Toolset:



RHEL 8 — 1.20.10, RHEL 9 — 1.20.10

A Go compiler.


RHEL 8 — 1.20.2, RHEL 9 — 1.20.2

A Go debugger.

1.2. Go Toolset compatibility

Go Toolset is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 on the following architectures:

  • AMD and Intel 64-bit
  • 64-bit ARM
  • IBM Power Systems, Little Endian
  • 64-bit IBM Z

1.3. Installing Go Toolset

Complete the following steps to install Go Toolset, including all dependent packages.


  • All available Red Hat Enterprise Linux updates are installed.


On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, install the go-toolset module by running:

# yum module install go-toolset

On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, install the go-toolset package by running:

# dnf install go-toolset

1.4. Installing Go documentation

You can install documentation for the Go programming language on your local system.



To install the golang-docs package, run the following command:

  • On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8:

    # yum install golang-docs

    You can find the documentation under the following path: /usr/lib/golang/doc/go_spec.html.

  • On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9:

    # dnf install golang-docs

    You can find the documentation under the following path: /usr/lib/golang/doc/go_spec.html.

1.5. Additional resources