Chapter 2. Changes in Eclipse 4.15

Red Hat Developer Tools is distributed with Eclipse 4.15 and plug-ins from the 2020-03 release train that provide a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements.

The following is an abridged list of new features and compatibility changes in this release.

For details on how to use the new features, see the built-in Eclipse documentation.

Significant Package Updates

  • eclipse 4.14 → 4.15: Eclipse IDE and JDT/PDE plug-ins have been updated to version 4.15. For a more complete list of changes, see the Eclipse 4.15 – New and Noteworthy page. The highlights include:

    • The Java Editor’s Content Assist now supports subword patterns.
    • Code completion in the Java Editor can now be run in a separate non-UI thread to prevent UI freezes.
    • A variety of new cleanup options and quick fixes have been added.
    • A quick fix has been added to wrap an Optional statement.
    • Resource leak analysis has been improved.
    • Debug expressions now support lambda expressions and method references.
    • The Console View can now interpret the ASCII control characters: \f - form feed and \v - vertical tab.
    • The Console View label now shows the termination time of a process in addition to the launch time.
    • Interactive performance has been improved.
  • eclipse-cdt 9.10.0 → 9.11.0: The C/C++ Development Tooling has been updated to version 9.11.0. For details, see the upstream CDT 9.11.0 release notes. Notable changes include:

    • Better support for C++14: binary integer literals and digit separators
    • New Code Analysis checkers: variable masking and magic numbers
  • eclipse-linuxtools 7.5.0 → 7.6.0: The Linux Tools plug-ins have been updated to version 7.6.0 which improves charting functionality. For details, see the upstream Linux Tools 7.6.0 release notes.
  • eclipse-pydev 7.4.0 → 7.5.0: The PyDev plug-in has been updated to version 7.4.0 which introduces debugger and Cython improvements. For details, see the upstream PyDev 7.5.0 release notes.
  • eclipse-egit/jgit 5.6.0 → 5.7.0: The Git integration plug-ins have been updated to version 5.7.0. For details, see the upstream EGit 5.7.0 release notes and JGit 5.7.0 release notes. Notable changes include:

    • A new feature has been added: you can now use commands on repository groups, for example, pull.
    • Commits comparison has been improved: you can now use unified diffs and search for commits.
  • eclipse-webtools 3.15 → 3.17: The Web Tools Platform has been updated to version 3.17. The update includes general code improvements and bug fixes. For details, see the upstream Web Tools Platform 3.16 – New and Noteworthy and Web Tools Platform 3.17 – New and Noteworthy pages.


  • SWTBot removed

The SWTBot tool has been removed from the collection. You can install it from the upstream SWTBot update site, follow the instructions there.

  • TestNG removed

Support of the TestNG framework has been ended. TestNG is no longer available through the Marketplace Client (MPC), but you can install the TestNG plug-in via the TestNG update site. However, because of the NoClassDefFoundError bug in TestNG, NoClassDefFoundError occurs while using TestNG P2 Feature, version 7.1.0. To work around this problem, install the later version of TestNG P2 Feature from the TestNG P2 Feature update site.