Chapter 5. Known issues

5.1. Known issues in Red Hat Developer Hub 1.1.2

Deployment fails with error: Migration table is already locked

When you update Developer Hub to the latest 1.1.z Helm chart, if you have one or more pre-existing Developer Hub instances on your cluster, your existing Helm chart or database may be incompatible with the new deployment.

As a consequence, when you deploy the new Developer Hub instance, even if you use a different namespace, the deployment can fail with the following error message: MigrationLocked: Migration table is already locked.

Workaround: Save your existing ConfigMap and Helm chart configurations and then delete any pre-existing Red Hat Developer Hub deployments before you deploy the latest 1.1.z Helm chart.

5.2. Known issues in Red Hat Developer Hub 1.1.0 and 1.1.1

Helm Chart upgrade release failing on Openshift Developer Console

If you have installed Developer Hub manually using the Helm CLI, the helm chart release upgrade fails in the OpenShift Developer Console.

Workaround: You can use the Helm CLI to upgrade. If you still want to upgrade using the console, then a workaround is to select the Helm Chart version from the drop-down list and select the Developer Hub version you want to upgrade to. Before performing this workaround, ensure that you save your values.yaml configuration file to some other location.

Issues with the Developer Hub upgrade path using a persistent cache
If you have configured a cache with the Red Hat Developer Hub and are planning to upgrade to its new version, ensure that you have deleted that cache. A new cache will be recreated after the upgrade.
Events plugin redesign in progress for the new backend system

The Events plugin is not completely supported by the new backend system, and thus its usefulness is greatly reduced, if not completely broken.

A complete redesign of the Events plugin support for the new backend system is in progress, but the plugin is still not available for integration into this release of Red Hat Developer Hub. This limitation temporarily prevents third parties from fully using events in plugins or modules they want to provide as dynamic plugins for Red Hat Developer Hub.

Issues with the RBAC Plugin

In the new backend system, automatically getting the IDs of all dynamically installed plugins is not possible. This means that the permissions of dynamic plugins supporting RBAC will not be automatically displayed in the RBAC UI.

Workaround: You can manually add a list of dynamic plugin IDs supporting RBAC in the Developer Hub application configuration file.

Issues with OpenShift Container Platform 4.15.3 deployment
Deploy your Developer Hub instance on OpenShift Container Platform 4.15.2 or earlier versions to avoid known issues reported with OpenShift Container Platform 4.15.3 deployment. For more information, see OCPBUGS-31080.