Chapter 7. Available reference implementations

Three reference implementations are available that you can use as starter applications. They are provided in the Red Hat Decision Manager 7.8.0 Reference Implementations download, available on the Red Hat Decision Manager Software Downloads page in the Red Hat Customer Portal.

Employee Rostering reference implementation

The employee rostering reference implementation enables you to create an application that assigns employees to shifts on various positions in an organization. For example, you can use the application to distribute shifts in a hospital between nurses, guard duty shifts across a number of locations, or shifts on an assembly line between workers.

High available event-driven decisioning reference implementation

A reference implementation for high available event-driven decisioning on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is available. You can customize this reference implementation to deploy Drools engine code that requires stateful processing, including rules developed with complex event processing, in an OpenShift environment. Doing this enables the decision engine to process complex event series with high availability.

Vehicle route planning reference implementation

The vehicle route planning reference implementation enables you to create an application that solves a vehicle route planning problem with real-world maps, roads, and vehicles delivering goods to locations, each with a specific capacity. For more information, see the README file in the vehicle routing ZIP file, included in the reference implementation download.