Chapter 2. Installing Red Hat CodeReady Studio plug-ins

The Red Hat CodeReady Studio plug-ins for Red Hat Decision Manager are based on the community version of the plug-ins. For this reason, the Red Hat Decision Manager plug-in is called the Drools plug-in.


  1. Download the Red Hat Decision Manager plug-ins for Red Hat CodeReady Studio:

    1. Log in to the Red Hat Customer Portal.
    2. Click DOWNLOADS at the top of the page.
    3. On the Product Downloads page that opens, navigate to the RUNTIMES section, and click Red Hat Developer Studio.
    4. On the Software Downloads page, from the Version list select 12.11.0, and then download Red Hat CodeReady Studio Integration Stack 12.11.0 Update Site Zip (
  2. To start Red Hat CodeReady Studio, select Red Hat CodeReady Studio from the Start menu.
  3. Click HelpInstall New Software.
  4. Click Add to display the Add Repository window.
  5. Enter a name in the Name field, for example, devstudio-12.11.0.GA.
  6. Click Archive, navigate to the file, select the file, and then click OK.
  7. Click Add.
  8. In the Install window, select JBoss Business Process and Rule Development from the Available Software list, click Next, and click Next again.
  9. Read the license agreements, click I accept the terms of the license agreements to accept the license agreements, and then click Finish.
  10. After the installation process has been completed, click Restart Now in the Software Updates window to restart Red Hat CodeReady Studio.