Chapter 4. Installing Red Hat Decision Manager runtime environments

In order to create Red Hat Decision Manager projects in Red Hat CodeReady Studio, it is necessary to install the Red Hat Decision Manager runtime environment.

A runtime environment is a collection of JAR files that represent a specific release of the software and includes the required libraries for compiling and running your business asset.


  • Red Hat CodeReady Studio is installed.


  1. Download the decision engine:

    1. Log in to the Red Hat Customer Portal.
    2. Click DOWNLOADS at the top of the page.
    3. On the Product Downloads page that opens, navigate to the INTEGRATION AND AUTOMATION section, and click Red Hat Decision Manager.
    4. On the Software Downloads page, download Red Hat Decision Manager 7.8.0 Add-Ons (
    5. Extract and then extract the Drools runtime environment JAR files located in`rhdm-7.8.0-add-ons/`
  2. From the Red Hat CodeReady Studio menu, click WindowPreferences.
  3. Click DroolsInstalled Drools Runtimes, and then click Add.
  4. In the name field, enter a name for the new runtime environment.
  5. Click Browse and navigate to the directory where you extracted the runtime environment files.
  6. Click OK to register the selected runtime environment in Red Hat CodeReady Studio.
  7. To set the runtime environment as the default Drools runtime, select the check box beside the runtime environment name.
  8. Click Apply and Close. If you have existing projects, you are prompted to restart Red Hat CodeReady Studio to update the runtime environment.