As a business rules developer, you can use high available event-driven decisioning, including Complex Event Processing (CEP), in your code that uses the decision engine. You can implement high available event-driven decisioning on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

You cannot use a standard deployment of Red Hat Decision Manager on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, as described in Deploying a Red Hat Decision Manager environment on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform using Operators, to implement high available event-driven decisioning, because the standard deployment supports only stateless processing. You must therefore create a custom implementation using the provided reference implementation.


  • A Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform version 4 environment is available. For the exact versions of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform that the current release supports, see Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7 Supported Configurations.
  • A Kafka Cluster is deployed in the OpenShift environment with Red Hat AMQ Streams.
  • The OpenJDK Java development environment is installed.
  • Maven, Docker, and kubectl are installed.
  • The oc OpenShift command line tool is installed.