Chapter 6. Closed loop with OPNFV components

Barometer is an OPNFV project that develops features in collectd to collect metrics and events suitable for NFV deployments.

Virtual function Event Stream (VES) is a ONAP project that provides a common model and format for use by NFV Service Providers (SPs) for managing VNF health and lifecycle. The project goal is to reduce the effort to develop and integrate telemetry data from various sources (primarily NFVI, VNFs and PNFs) into automated policy based management systems, by moving towards a common event stream format and collection system.

The Barometer VES Plug-in consumes the collectd events and forwards them in VES format to a pre-configured VES/DCAE collector.

The DCAE collector, which receives events and metrics in the VES format, publishes them on the ONAP message bus, and saves them in a database.