Chapter 1. Red Hat Decision Manager project packaging

Red Hat Decision Manager projects contain the business assets that you develop in Red Hat Decision Manager. Each project in Red Hat Decision Manager is packaged as a Knowledge JAR (KJAR) file with configuration files such as a Maven project object model file (pom.xml), which contains build, environment, and other information about the project, and a KIE module descriptor file (kmodule.xml), which contains the KIE base and KIE session configurations for the assets in the project. You deploy the packaged KJAR file to a Decision Server that runs the decision services and other deployable assets (collectively referred to as services) from that KJAR file. These services are consumed at run time through an instantiated KIE container, or deployment unit. Project KJAR files are stored in a Maven repository and identified by three values: GroupId, ArtifactId, and Version (GAV). The Version value must be unique for every new version that might need to be deployed. To identify an artifact (including a KJAR file), you need all three GAV values.

Projects in Business Central are packaged automatically when you build and deploy the projects. For projects outside of Business Central, such as independent Maven projects or projects within a Java application, you must configure the KIE module descriptor settings in an appended kmodule.xml file or directly in your Java application in order to build and deploy the projects.