As an administrator, you can customize the following on the admin Settings page:

  • Roles: Set the home page, priority, and permissions of a role.
  • Groups: Set the home page, priority, and permissions of a group as well as create and delete groups.
  • Users: Create and delete users, add or remove groups and roles from users, and view user permissions.
  • Artifacts: View M2 repository artifacts, upload artifacts, view, and download JAR files.
  • Data Sources: Add, update, or delete data sources and database drivers.
  • Data Sets: Create, modify, or delete data sets.
  • Projects: View and edit project preferences such as file export properties, space properties, default values, and advanced GAV properties.
  • Artifact Repository: Manage artifact repository properties.
  • Languages: Set the Business Central language.
  • Process Administration: Set the default pagination option in Business Central.
  • Process Designer: Set diagram editor properties.
  • SSH Keys: Add or delete SSH keys.
  • Service Tasks Administration: Enable or disable default service tasks and upload custom service tasks.
  • Profiles: Set the workbench profile as Planner and Rules or Full.