Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Decision Manager


As a system engineer, you can deploy a Red Hat Decision Manager authoring or managed environment on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to provide a platform for developing or running services and other business assets.


  • At least four gigabytes of memory must be available in the OpenShift cluster/namespace.
  • The OpenShift project for the deployment must be created.
  • You must be logged in to the project using the oc command. For more information about the oc command-line tool, see the OpenShift CLI Reference. If you want to use the OpenShift Web console to deploy templates, you must also be logged on using the Web console.
  • Dynamic persistent volume (PV) provisioning must be enabled. Alternatively, if dynamic PV provisioning is not enabled, a sufficient persistent volume must be available. By default, Business Central requires one 1Gi PV. You can change the PV size for Business Central persistent storage in the template parameters.
  • If you intend to use the Authoring High Availability template, which scales the Business Central pod, your OpenShift environment must support persistent volumes with ReadWriteMany mode. For information about access mode support in OpenShift Online volume plug-ins, see Access Modes.

ReadWriteMany mode is not supported on OpenShift Online and OpenShift Dedicated.