Chapter 7. Verifying the Red Hat Decision Manager installation

After you have installed Red Hat Decision Manager, create an asset to verify that the installation is working.


  1. In a terminal window, navigate to the EAP_HOME/bin directory and enter the following command to start Red Hat Decision Manager:

    ./ -c standalone-full.xml

    If you deployed Decision Central without Decision Server, you can start Decision Central with the script without specifying the standalone-full.xml file. In this case, ensure that you make any configuration changes to the standalone.xml file before starting Decision Central.

  2. In a web browser, enter localhost:8080/decision-central.

    • If Red Hat Decision Manager has been configured to run from a domain name, replace localhost with the domain name, for example:

    • If Red Hat Decision Manager has been configured to run in a cluster, replace localhost with the IP address of a particular node, for example:


  3. Enter the admin user credentials that you created during installation. The Decision Central home page appears.
  4. Select MenuDeployExecution Servers.
  5. Confirm that default-kieserver is listed under Server Configurations.
  6. Select MenuDesignProjects.
  7. Click Try SamplesMortgagesOK. The Assets window appears.
  8. Click Create New AssetData Object.
  9. Enter MyDataObject in the Data Object field and click OK.
  10. Click SpacesMySpaceMortgages and confirm that MyDataObject is in the list of assets.
  11. Delete the Mortgages project.