Chapter 8. Running Red Hat Decision Manager

Use this procedure to run the Red Hat Decision Manager on Red Hat JBoss EAP in standalone mode.


  • Red Hat Decision Manager is installed and configured.


  1. In a terminal application, navigate to EAP_HOME/bin.
  2. Run the standalone configuration:

    • On Linux or UNIX-based systems:

      $ ./ -c standalone-full.xml
    • On Windows:

      standalone.bat -c standalone-full.xml

      If you deployed Decision Central without Decision Server, you can start Decision Central with the script without specifying the standalone-full.xml file. In this case, ensure that you make any configuration changes to the standalone.xml file before starting Decision Central.

      On Linux or UNIX-based systems:

      $ /

      On Windows:

  3. In a web browser, open the URL localhost:8080/decision-central.
  4. Log in using the credentials of the user that you created for Decision Central in Section 5.3, “Creating users”.