Chapter 38. Configuring and running standalone Business Central

You can use the Business Central standalone JAR file to run Business Central without deploying it to an application server. You can use sample configuration files to run the Business Central standalone JAR file out of the box or you can customize the sampfiles for your requirements.


This JAR file is supported only when it is run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.



  1. Extract the downloaded to a temporary directory. This archive includes the file.
  2. Extract the file to the directory that contains the rhdm-7.11.0-decision-central-standalone.jar file. The file contains the following sample configuration files:

    • sample-standalone-config.yml

      You can run the rhdm-7.11.0-decision-central-standalone.jar files with the sample data provided in the configuration files or you can customize the data for your requirements.

  3. To customize the configuration data, complete the following steps:

    1. Edit the file. Include an administrative user and if this Business Central instance will be a Decision Manager controller for KIE Server, include a Decision Manager controller user, for example:

    2. Edit the file to assign roles to the users that you included in the file, for example:


      For more information, see Section 31.2, “Red Hat Decision Manager roles and users”.

    3. Review the contents of the sample-standalone-config.yml configuration file and update as required.
  4. To run the Business Central standalone JAR file, enter the following command:

    java -jar rhdm-7.11.0-decision-central-standalone.jar -s sample-standalone-config.yml
  5. To set application properties when you run the JAR file, include the -D<PROPERTY>=<VALUE> parameter in the command, where <PROPERTY> is the name of a supported application property and <VALUE> is the property value:

    java -jar rhdm-7.11.0-decision-central-standalone.jar -s sample-standalone-config.yml -D<PROPERTY>=<VALUE> -D<PROPERTY>=<VALUE>

    For example, to run Business Central and connect to KIE Server as the user controllerUser, enter:

    java -jar rhdm-7.11.0-decision-central-standalone.jar \
    -s sample-standalone-config.yml \

    Doing this enables you to deploy containers to KIE Server. See Appendix A, Business Central system properties for more information.