Part VI. Installing and configuring KIE Server on Oracle WebLogic Server

As a system administrator, you can configure your Oracle WebLogic Server for Red Hat KIE Server and install KIE Server on that Oracle server instance.


Support for Red Hat Decision Manager on Oracle WebLogic Server is now in the maintenance phase. Red Hat will continue to support Red Hat Decision Manager on Oracle WebLogic Server with the following limitations:

  • Red Hat will not release new certifications or software functionality.
  • Red Hat will release only qualified security patches that have a critical impact and mission-critical bug fix patches.

In the future, Red Hat might direct customers to migrate to new platforms and product components that are compatible with the Red Hat hybrid cloud strategy.


  • An Oracle WebLogic Server instance version or later is installed. For complete installation instructions, see the Oracle WebLogic Server product page.
  • You have access to the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console, usually at http://<HOST>:7001/console.