Chapter 6. Roles and users

To access Decision Central or Decision Server, you must create users and assign them appropriate roles before the servers are started. This section describes available Red Hat Decision Manager user roles.


The admin, analyst, and rest-all roles are reserved for Decision Central. The kie-server role is reserved for Decision Server. For this reason, the available roles can differ depending on whether Decision Central, Decision Server, or both are installed.

  • admin: Users with the admin role are the Decision Central administrators. They can manage users and create, clone, and manage the repositories. They have full access to make required changes in the application. Users with the admin role have access to all areas within Red Hat Decision Manager.
  • analyst: Users with the analyst role have access to all high-level features. They can model projects. However, these users cannot add contributors to spaces or delete spaces in the Design → Projects view. Access to the Deploy → Execution Servers view, which is intended for administrators, is not available to users with the analyst role. However, the Deploy button is available to these users when they access the Library perspective.
  • rest-all: Users with the rest-all role can access Decision Central REST capabilities.
  • kie-server: Users with the kie-server role can access Decision Server (KIE Server) REST capabilities. This role is mandatory for users to have access to Manage and Track views in Decision Central.