Chapter 2. Red Hat Decision Manager components

Red Hat Decision Manager is made up of Decision Central and Decision Server.

  • Decision Central is the graphical user interface where you create and manage business rules. You can install Decision Central in a Red Hat JBoss EAP instance or on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OpenShift).

    Decision Central is also available as a standalone JAR file. You can use the Decision Central standalone JAR file to run Decision Central without needing to deploy it to an application server.

  • Decision Server is the server where processes, rules, and other artifacts are executed. It is used to instantiate and execute processes and rules and solve planning problems. You can install Decision Server in a Red Hat JBoss EAP instance, on OpenShift, in an Oracle WebLogic server instance, in an IBM WebSphere Application Server instance, or as a part of Spring Boot application.

    You can configure Decision Server to run in managed or unmanaged mode. If Decision Server is unmanaged, you must manually create and maintain KIE containers (deployment units). A KIE container is a specific version of a project. If Decision Server is managed, the Decision Manager controller manages the Decision Server configuration and you interact with the Decision Manager controller to create and maintain KIE containers.

    The Decision Manager controller is integrated with Decision Central. If you install Decision Central on Red Hat JBoss EAP, use the Execution Server page to create and maintain KIE containers. However, if you do not install Decision Central, you can install the headless Decision Manager controller and use the REST API or the Decision Server Java Client API to interact with it.

  • Red Hat Business Optimizer is integrated in Decision Central and Decision Server. It is a lightweight, embeddable planning engine that optimizes planning problems. Red Hat Business Optimizer helps Java programmers solve planning problems efficiently, and it combines optimization heuristics and metaheuristics with efficient score calculations.