Chapter 5. Working with Counters

Counters provide atomic increment and decrement operations that record the count of objects.


  • Start the Data Grid CLI.
  • Connect to a running Data Grid cluster.

5.1. Creating Counters

Create strong and weak counters with the Data Grid CLI.


  1. Create a CLI connection to Data Grid.
  2. Run the create counter command with the appropriate arguments.

    1. Create my-weak-counter.

      [//containers/default]> create counter --concurrency-level=1 --initial-value=5 --storage=PERSISTENT --type=weak my-weak-counter
    2. Create my-strong-counter.

      [//containers/default]> create counter --initial-value=3 --storage=PERSISTENT --type=strong my-strong-counter
  3. List available counters.

    [//containers/default]> ls counters
  4. Verify counter configurations.

    1. Describe my-weak-counter.

      [//containers/default]> describe counters/my-weak-counter
    2. Describe my-strong-counter.

      [//containers/default]> describe counters/my-strong-counter

5.2. Adding Deltas to Counters

Increment or decrement counters with arbitrary values.


  1. Select a counter.

    [//containers/default]> counter my-weak-counter
  2. List the current count.

    [//containers/default/counters/my-weak-counter]> ls
  3. Increment the counter value by 2.

    [//containers/default/counters/my-weak-counter]> add --delta=2
  4. Decrement the counter value by -4.

    [//containers/default/counters/my-weak-counter]> add --delta=-4

Strong counters return values after the operation is applied. Use --quiet=true to hide the return value.

For example, my-strong-counter]> add --delta=3 --quiet=true.

Weak counters return empty responses.